Degrees and Certifications:

* Diploma in Double English - Shortwood Teachers' College *Bachelors in Education - Church' Teachers' College

Mrs. Tiekena McKoy-Harriott

My story began long before I can even recall. I always knew my mother as an Early Childhood teacher. She was the reason I always envisioned a future as an educator. That vision stayed with me as I grew and it was at the foundation of most of my life’s choices. It was foremost in my thoughts when I started my journey at Shortwood Teachers’ College and brought me through my transition to Church Teachers’ College. Through my many academic achievements over the years, my most valued ones are the testimonies of my students, present and past, that always assert how much my existence has impacted their lives. I will always unapologetically stand by the truth that I do not merely teach English but I teach students. This single fact shifts the paradigm of my core focus from the reality of the subject to the reality of the human beings who are interfacing with said subject. And, as you can imagine, finding the balance between both realities is an amazing challenge I will always gladly take on.

Teaching officially started for me over 10 years ago at Bellefield High School in the cool parish of Manchester, Jamaica. While there, I always found solace in coaching students in the speech club and preparing them for performances at the parish and national levels. I was known to emcee umpteen school functions and I sat on several committees that were designed to enhance the school as a unit.

As the plot of my life thickens, this is my first time teaching outside of my homeland and I consider it a blessing to have Onslow County Schools as an integral part of my story. I look to the future with bated breath and I cannot wait to make positive impact on everyone who makes contact with me.

I go by the philosophy that as a teacher and as a person: I am the daughter of the living God, cherished, loved and adored. As such, I’M NOT JUST ANYBODY! I’m an anomaly – the kind of rarity that doesn’t happen normally. I strongly believe that if you change your mindset, it will inevitably change your life. On that premise, I love everything inspirational and motivational. I support self-care 150% because mental health is paramount if we are to become the best version of ourselves. I am sociable at heart and I relish hearty conversations.


 Quotes:  *“Smile…light up your face with gladness..”  –Nat King Cole—
                *“You’re never fully dressed without a smile…” –Sia—(Annie, 2014 film version)
                *”I am not just anybody.”

 Foods: *Everything Jamaican (almost)
              *Anything at Chick Fil A
              *Anything at Panera
              * Doritos, Snickers,

Authors:  *John Grisham
                *James Patterson
                *Stephen King

Shopping Therapy: BBW, Victoria Secret, Ipsy, Shein, Amazon, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Chanel

Hobbies: *shopping
                   *doing makeup
                   *watching Netflix
                   *listening to music
                   *collecting home décor
                   *hanging out with friends

Holiday: Christmas
Seasons: Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer