• Career Day took place this year on May 4th as a school-wide event. Career Day provides students with an opportunity to make a connection between their education and future professional endeavors. The success of this event is thanks to volunteers who are willing to share wisdom and knowledge to inspire future generations. Motivating students to explore their interests and passions is a great extension of our academic programs while providing hands-on experiences with our community members.

    During each 20 minute session, students were excited to hear all about the requirements to be effective in each profession, skills necessary to perform the job, duties responsible for, and what a day looks like. Students were able to ask questions to further their understanding of each professional area.


    A big thank you goes out to these volunteers:

    SBI-Bomb Squad
    Onslow County Sheriff's Office
    Half Moon Fire Department
    B&S Body Shop
    Pajak's Farm
    Sturgeon City
    Nurse McAdams
    Vet Tech Ms. Flores
    Flight Attendant Ms. Lane
    US Marines - Sandy's Unit
    Onslow County EMS