• Shout out to FIFTH Grade!!  Whoo-hoo, another year, and I am so excited about meeting our new students and families.

    Who am I and why would I shout out to the 5th grade?  After graduating from California State University, Fresno, I began teaching fifth grade in 1998 at Roosevelt Elementary in Hanford, California.  My journey then took me to Madera, California, where I continued to teach fifth grade. Along the way, I received a Master's degree in Administration and joined the administration team for a few years. 

    In 2011, I arrived in Jacksonville, NC to meet my newest grandson and decided to stay!  

    In 2013, I began teaching at Northwoods Elementary.  Yes, as a fifth-grade teacher, I have enjoyed every year, month, day, and moment that teaching has to offer. I am blessed to continue teaching fifth grade and all subjects this year.