• Welcome to Onslow County School System

    Superintendent Rick Stout
    Superintendent Rick Stout

    On behalf of Onslow County Schools and the Board of Education, we would like to welcome you to our school system.  It is a distinct honor to serve as the superintendent of this school system, especially with the opportunity to work with such a strong and dedicated group of professional educators throughout this system.

    Onslow County Schools is among the fifteen largest systems in the state of North Carolina.  Our local community and school community work collaboratively to provide an atmosphere of support for educational innovation and opportunity for all students.  As we continue to focus on the system vision of Excellence in Education, we recognize that the rapidly changing world around us will impact our work.

    The mission of Onslow County Schools is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be responsible and successful in the 21st century.  A strong teaching staff, exemplary school leaders, and committed support staff have embraced this challenge.  We are excited to know that our parents, students, and community members will be sharing in this mission, as well.  Our staff and students value and appreciate the support of all as we strive to have every student reach his or her potential.

    Thank you for joining us on the journey into the 21st century of learning.  We encourage you to utilize the system website regularly to learn more about our schools and some of the special items of interest occurring across the system.  The technology advancements available for us today have allowed for a greater opportunity to share the good news surrounding the education of our youth.  We hope you will find this resource valuable as we continue to improve avenues for communication throughout our system. 


    Superintendent Rick Stout named 2017 Regional Superintendent of the Year.  Click Here for full story.