Welcome to OCS

  • Dr. Barry D. Collins


    Thank you for your interest in Onslow County Schools (OCS). This past school year was a challenge for our entire community. The move to cohorts and expanded virtual learning disrupted schedules, increased stress on families and school staff, and changed the way many students interacted with their friends and classmates.

    On behalf of the Onslow County Board of Education and all our administrators, teachers and staff, I would like to thank everyone for their support over the past year.

    As the children come back to our school buildings, know that we are committed to providing an inviting and secure learning environment for all our students and staff.

    The district is committed to refocusing on instruction and increasing support for our students as we all work together to get back on track.

    Over the summer, and in the days leading up to the start of this academic year, staff have been hard at work getting things ready.

    The OCS Instructional Technology Department has worked diligently to prepare the thousands of laptops and other devices needed by our teachers and students on day one of class.

    Our Human Resources team has been hard at work processing new hires and conducting required training for those employees new to the profession and/or new to OCS.

    Financial Services has ensured district and school budgets are in place to support our teachers, staff and students.

    Instructional Services has been supporting our teachers and other staff through professional development in all areas – from core academics, cultural arts, career and technical education programs and physical education to EC, guidance, and other support programs.

    Operations has been supporting our schools in getting facilities ready, tuning up and positioning buses, developing transportation routes, ordering food, printing handbooks and back-to-school forms, obtaining cleaning supplies and much more.

    OCS is proud to be your public school system. We are also proud of our dedicated and hard-working staff who serve over 26,000 students each day, the outstanding people who transport, feed, teach and support the most important resource in our community – our children.

    The dedicated team of professionals at OCS are here to serve the children of Onslow County. Together, we will get back on track, and together we will have a great school year.

    Thank you, and God bless,
    Dr. Barry D. Collins, Superintendent