• What is it and what does it stand for?

    PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies.  Often times, it is referred to as “Positive Behavior In School” by our staff so that students have a more common language for understanding.  PBIS rewards students for exhibiting positive behaviors in common areas of the school as well as within their own homeroom and other classes they attend, such as encore (art, music, PE and dance). 

    Overall, PBIS teaches students that they are responsible for themselves and their actions and it rewards them for behaving positively in all aspects of our school environment. 


    OUR PBIS motto:

    Every day on our morning announcements, our students and staff recite our PBIS motto together.

    S   - Stay Safe

    O   - Own Your Actions

      - Act Responsibly

    R   - Respect Everyone and Everything


    “Eagles Soar!”

    This motto outlines and emphasizes the major goals of student behavior.  It was created by our students for our students.  It allows our Eagles to take ownership and responsibility for their actions each day as they recite this motto to start the day.


    Learning About Expectations:

    At the beginning of the year, your child rotated through stations that detailed proper behaviors for each of the 4 following common areas (Bathroom, Hallway, Cafeteria and Playground).  These are very important areas of our school as all of our students pass through them and use them daily.  For this reason, it is important to follow proper rules so that students may function properly, efficiently, and safely as they move about the building.  Stations will be revisited after winter break and again after spring break for review.  Please click here to check out our PBIS Matrix to see the expected behaviors for each of the common areas.