Home Learning with Mrs. Schnarrs 
    You can contact me any time by text or email, I will return calls outside online meeting hours. 

     304-671-9740 or susanne.schnarrs@onslow.k12.nc.us  whenever you have any questions, problems or concerns!             

    We will meet every day for 45 minutes “live” in Teams at scheduled times for each small group:  

    Team BLUE-RED at 8:45     Team GREEN-PURPLE at 9:45      Team ORANGE at 10:45 


    The whole class will meet at 1:30 each day for 30 minutes (longer if any students need additional help) I understand that at times, it won't be possible for every student to attend. These will be recorded so, students can watch/listen later. I will also record certain lessons that can be watched at any time-stored in Teams/Files. 

    To join the meetings, go to Teams and click on Join. Students will be able to see and hear Mrs. Schnarrs. You must mute your audio(voice) until I say unmute!  

                        Students: EVERY School day, on your own: 

    1. Every morning, check Team Posts and your student email (Outlook) for messages. Ask me any questions here.
    2. Work on your iReady Math and Reading Lessons-do Teacher Assigned first.  At least 1 hour each week. 
    3. Work in www.readingeggspress.com on your Lessons Map.  At least 1 lesson a week.
    4. Work on any readworks, flocabulary, or Studies Weekly that are due Friday by 3:00 
    5. Attend/join your "live" Team meeting at the right time and the "live" Class Meeting at 1:30  


    *Complete assigned work a bit each day. Don't try to do all the week's work in one day! The lessons are needed before attempting some of it. We will continue with the Ready Math Instruction Book and Homework, Brainpop, Flocabulary, and Readworks, quizzizz and any other fun educational things I find! 

    Digital work is in 1:1/Office 365/Teams/Posts, Clever, Stream, teaching videos, Teams/ClassNotebook or Teams Assignments or Files. I will specify where it is! 



  • I will also email you a copy and put it in ClassNotebook/Content/PLANNER. Feel free to print out for reference!


    Home Learning Week 3-30