Trexler Middle Earns Second Re-validation as AVID National Demonstration School

  • Eight years ago, Trexler Middle School administrators and staff made a commitment to steering students toward college-readiness and instilling a desire for lifelong learning.  To improve academic preparation and performance of all students, they embraced the Advanced Via Individual Determination program and its strategies.

    After two years of hard work and dedication by students, staff and the school district, TMS exemplified a school-wide approach to AVID and were validated by the AVID Center as one of 120 AVID National Demonstration schools.  AVID National Demonstration Schools play a vital role in helping campuses nationwide interested in starting their own AVID programs or struggling with implementation of their program. The AVID Center validation team praised the school’s leadership and Principal Lynn Jackson.

    Demonstration Schools undergo a rigorous validation process and are required to be revalidated every few years to endure high levels of implementation, with quality fidelity to AVID strategies schoolwide

    Following several on-site visits from AVID Center members who poured over student data, observed classrooms and interacted with students and staff, the campus received its second revalidation Nov. 16, for three years.  Three years is the longest any campus can retain the title before requiring revalidation.  TMS is one of only 175 National Demonstration Schools in the nation.

    Denise Wren, the director of Professional Learning at AVID Center, and other members of the AVID Center team could not praise the school enough for its school-wide implementation and integration of AVID.  She commended them on instruction, school culture, systems and leadership, the four Essentials in AVID.  “The development of both teacher and student leadership is outstanding and is reflected in classroom interactions and schoolwide growth,” she said.