Welcome to Fourth Grade!

    • All classwork assignments will be due by 3:30 PM each day even if your student is at home on his/her Cohort day.
      • Ten points will be deducted for late work. Late work will not be accepted after the second day. 
    • Reading and Math homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday and is due by 8:00 AM the following day, no exceptions.
      • Late homework will not be accepted.
    • Laptops need to be fully charged prior to coming to school.
      • If your student’s laptop is not charging at home, please send me a message as well as have your student bring the charger to school.

    In an effort to help you locate assignments that you might want to review with your student, I need to explain how to read the assignment titles in PowerSchool.  Each assignment is put in PowerSchool by the title of the assignment.  Right beside the title in parentheses is a code that tells where the assignment can be found.  Here is the current list of codes:

    • CN: Class Notebook in TEAMS
    • RW: Read Works (www.readworks.org)
    • SI: Study Island (www.clever.com/in/onslow)
    • SN: Schoolnet (my.ncedcloud.org)
    • SW: Studies Weekly (www.studiesweekly.com)
    • TM: TEAMS