Welcome to Fourth Grade!

  • We made it through the first nine weeks of school! 

    As we get ready for all our students to come back to school on Monday, November 2nd, fourth grade is revamping some of our procedures.  Starting on Monday, October 19th,  the following changes will occur: 

    • All classwork assignments will be due by 3:30 PM each day even if your student is at home on his/her Cohort day.
      • Ten points will be deducted for late work. Late work will not be accepted after the second day. 
    • Reading and Math homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday and is due by 8:00 AM the following day, no exceptions.
      • Late homework will not be accepted.
    • Laptops need to be fully charged prior to coming to school.
      • If your student’s laptop is not charging at home, please send me a message as well as have your student bring the charger to school.

    In an effort to help you locate assignments that you might want to review with your student, I need to explain how to read the assignment titles in PowerSchool.  Each assignment is put in PowerSchool by the title of the assignment.  Right beside the title in parentheses is a code that tells where the assignment can be found.  Here is the current list of codes:

    • CN: Class Notebook in TEAMS
    • RW: Read Works (www.readworks.org)
    • SI: Study Island (www.clever.com/in/onslow)
    • SN: Schoolnet (my.ncedcloud.org)
    • SW: Studies Weekly (www.studiesweekly.com)
    • TM: TEAMS