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    DID YOU KNOW . . . 

    * The Onslow County Schools Transportation Department carries approximately 16,846 students to 37 school sites using 227 state-owned yellow buses, 12 federally-owned buses, and 4 OCLC local-owned yellow buses.

    * These yellow buses, per day, make 779 bus runs traveling approximately 16,209 miles.  This equates to 2,917,620 miles traveled each year. 

    * The Transportation Department is also responsible for the maintenance of approximately 209 other county school vehicles and 47 white activity buses.  Needless to say, this represents an enormous enterprise.

    Buses run multiple routes in order to maximize the investment the county has in each bus and driver.  Buses cost approximately $82,000 each.  Maintenance and fuel costs are also considerable.  Therefore, it is important to both fully utilize the asset and maximize the life cycle of the vehicle.  Our staff, of 23 mechanics, works steadily to maintain the fleet.

    For managerial purposes, the school district has been divided into eight Transportation Districts, with Transportation Coordinators having supervisory authority over the drivers and monitors within their particular areas.  Coordinators typically have extensive transportation-field experience and have received additional, specialized training.


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