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At Home Learning Schedule & Resources

  • "Beginning Monday, March 16, there will be no school for students through at least March 30."

    Hello All, we tried to get ahead of the shutdown by sending out the "At Home Learning Packet", and iReady books. If you have not seen the packet yet, be sure to check your kiddos book bag. The kindergarten team put together a packet of learning materials for students to utilize during this closure.

    Their packet consists of at least 10 Rigsby reader books, a writing journal with 25 writing prompts, and some "At Home Centers" worksheets. I have also included student's iReady Practice and Problem Solving book.

    Students have their binders as well which contain their sight word flashcards, and other learning resources. Their clever login should be on the inside front cover of their binder which will allow kiddo's to access their online learning programs like Reading Eggs, and iReady.

    I'll be putting together some various resources to post on Classtag for parents to utilize until we can get back into the classroom. I'll also re-post Kindergarten EOY Goals so we have a better understanding of what we need to work on to get to the finish line successful. I'll attach resources to this post and pin it to the top of our page.


    *3/17/20 Update*

    Dear Parents,
    The Kindergarten Team was informed by our Principal this morning that we need to develop a system to hold students accountable for these learn at home school days. We are going to do this in two different ways:

    1) We will be posting on Classtag at the beginning of each day an attendance post. Please "react/like" this post in order for your child to receive attendance for that day.

    2) By Sunday evening, you will be expected to send me a picture of the previous week’s calendar with the daily activities. All finished assignments should be checked off and the bottom signed by a parent. You may send as an attachment in Classtag message directly to me.

    We will also be checking your child’s minutes on iReady Reading and Math: the goal is to get as close to 45 minutes for each subject per week per the County Office.

    The county and our school is taking this time very seriously and students are going to be held accountable for their learning at home. The Kindergarten Team understands that this means parents are equally as active in the learning for their child. More so than ever, Teachers and Parents should be working as a team to ensure your child receives the education they deserve. The Kindergarten Team is here for any support you might need during this time.

    I have posted additional resources on Classtag should you need them.

    If more resources are needed in the future, they will be posted on Classtag. Please stay tuned to our Queen’s Creek Facebook Page and Onslow County Public Schools Facebook Page as more information is released. This County and School has proved how resilient we are in times of need and we will overcome these obstacles as well.