Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's degree from Grove City College. International Business and Spanish. University of North Carolina Watson School of Education Elementary Education

Mrs. Kristin Whalen

I am proud to have received the Teacher of the Year Award at the end of my first year teaching second grade at Sandridge Elementary School.  It is an extreme honor that the staff recognized me as an exceptional teacher at the same time I was developing my instructional practices in the newly acquired second grade classroom.  Previous to the 2017-2018 school year, I taught third grade for 2 years. 

I have been leaning towards a teaching profession since a very young age through the influence of my mother, my uncles and my aunts.  My mother’s family were all teachers and the combined years of classroom teaching equal well over 300 by the time that generation all retired.  My last uncle retired from the classroom last year.  I was subjected to “teacher talk” and understood curriculum designs well before my middle school years.  Studying abroad to Norway my junior year of high school helped broaden my educational curiosity to a global realm.

I received my bachelor's degree from Grove City College.  This is a small college close to where I grew up in Pennsylvania. There I double majored in International Business and Spanish.  I later returned to college at the University of North Carolina Watson School of Education Teaching Licensure Program to receive my Elementary Education teaching license.  Through the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, I earned my Master’s in Education graduating in December 2015.   After initially receiving my license, I taught for a short period of time then decided to spend some time at home with my medically fragile daughter, my other two children and my military husband.  Being a military spouse, I was able to travel to many different countries including, Norway, France, Japan, China, Mongolia, Singapore and Thailand.  I really enjoyed learning about the manners and mores in different geographic locations and can say that the interconnectedness of the people around the world amazes me.  The military life allowed me to teach first and third grade in Okinawa, Japan where we lived for four years.  After coming back to the states in 2011, I have enjoyed teaching in the Swansboro area.

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