Research & Accountability Department


    MISSION:  The Department of Research and Accountability will provide schools, administrative leaders and key stakeholders with information, research and resources to facilitate data-driven decisions for improving student performance. 

    PURPOSE:  provide quality support and visionary leadership

    The Research and Accountability Department staff members promote continuous improvement and accountability along with providing support to the system and individual schools through analysis of assessment results and interpretation of a variety of school performance data. Accurate data and statistically appropriate reports are provided to instructional leaders to sustain efforts to improve student achievement.

    The Research and Accountability Department ensures that State Board of Education policies and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) guidelines are followed before, during, and after testing related to the North Carolina ABCs program and the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Subsequently, we ensure a high quality data collection process that maintains the integrity of the data used to measure student improvement.   Student test results play an increasingly important role in North Carolina's READY Accountability program and in the U.S. Department of Education NCLB initiative. Test results are used as one component in promotion/retention decisions in grades 3 - 8, and also as a component in the High School graduation requirements.


    Should you need assistance with any of the following topics, you should contact a member of this division:

    • Cumulative Records
    • District strategic plan data
    • State and local accountability programs
    • Instructional Review Board (IRB)
    • NC School and District report cards
    • READY EOG Assessments in ELA and/or Mathematics (Grades 3-8)
    • READY EOG Assessments in science - grades 5 and 8
    • District Benchmark Assessments (SchoolNet/ NC Check-Ins)
    • READY EOC Assessments - Biology, English II, Math 1 and Math 3
    • NC Final Exams
    • Scanning, scoring and reporting of state test results
    • Accommodations and modifications to state tests
    • SAT
    • ACT (Grade 11 students)
    • PRE-ACT (Grade 10 students)
    • EVAAS 
    • NCEducation
    • AMS - Assessment Management System (including but not limted to SchoolNet)
    • CEDARS (Common Education Data Analysis and Reporting System)



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