• Academic Derby is an Onslow County Schools tradition! 

    Matches began in 1984 and only involved High School students.  In the years since, middle school and elementary school derby matches have become a great part of this long running program!  Many of our moderators have been with our program in excess of 10 years and even on moderator, Fred Ourt, has been the High School Derby Moderator from the very beginning.

    Elementary, Middle and High School Academic Derby matches are taped and broadcast on G10 (Jacksonville's local government channel) and are on demand on YouTube. 

    Elementary Academic Derby matches are played all year long and in three different 'seasons' based on matching schools with the same approximate number of students in the school. Pam Thomas has been the moderator for Elementary Derby for over ten years and brings a great deal of enthusiam and fun to every match.

    Middle School Academic Derby is played in the months of January and February.  Brent Anderson has been the moderator for Middle School Derby and has been with our program for over seven years and brings his experience as a middle school principal and lifelong performer to our program.

    High School Academic Derby is played in the fall of the year usually wrapping up play in late November, early December.  Fred Ourt has the distinction of being one of the longest serving moderators as well as one of the original members of the team that fostered the creation of the Onslow County Schools Academic Derby Program.  In additon to his moderating duties, Mr. Ourt has provided invaluable help with the question collections used in our matches.

    All Academic Derby Matches are played and taped in the Onslow County Schools Multimedia studio located at Southwest High School.