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Dr. Wilbur L. Brower

I am a graduate of North Carolina Public Schools, and I am thankful that I received the foundation that has allowed me to accomplish all the things I’ve wanted in life, including earning a doctorate degree and writing several books.   I was an executive with a Fortune 500 company when I was twenty-eight years old, but I left after about fifteen years to establish my own management consulting training firm and to operate it for twenty-five years. I have been involved with young adults in various aspects of public education and social services organizations since 1976. I have worked as an administrator or teacher in three NC school systems, and I have presented at several national, state and regional conferences on issues related to young adults, including NC Dropout Prevention, DPI Closing the Achievement Gap, National At-Risk Youth Forum; NC Communities in Schools, and Black Administrators in Child Welfare.  Additionally, I designed and developed STEP-UPP, a learning process for students at-risk of academic and personal failure; and Understanding and Reversing Academic Under-Achievement among Disadvantaged Students, a learning process for parents, teachers and school administrators who are working tirelessly to close the academic achievement gaps among student populations.

I am a Highly Qualified middle school and high school Business Education and English/Language Arts teacher, and I am a former member of the U. S. Air Force.  I actually retired from education in 2010, but my passion for working with young adults was re-ignited after I accepted a long-term substitute teacher assignment at Jacksonville Commons Middle School in 2013.  Astoundingly, about a third of my English/Language Arts students were able to produce a book compiled of their writings during the five months I was with them.  I am certain this was a feat that will continue to inspire them and an accomplishment they will never forget.  I have a knack for getting the best out of students, even those who pose the greatest challenges for parents and educators.  My approach is unorthodox and not always “by the books,” but my objective always is to help all students feel valued, develop a sense of self-worth and get on a track to achieve personal mastery.

Below is a list of books I have written that many students and adults have found very helpful: 

  • What a Difference a Comma Makes--The Complete Guide for Understanding and Applying Correctly Punctuation Marks and Symbols Commonly Used in English Grammar (2016)                                                                                                                                 
  • Unbelievable Blessings--Ten of the Greatest Joys Life Has to Offer (2916)                                                                                             
  • · Defining Your Success—You Decide What You Want Out of Life (2013)
  • The Seven C’s of Success--Developing the Attributes, Attitudes and Behaviors to Achieve All You Want Out of Life (2013)
  •  When Justice Calls—A novel (2013)
  • ·A Little Book of Big Principles—Values and Virtues for a More Successful Life (1998 and 2012)
  •  Of Life, Love and Learning—Selected Poems and Educational Raps, Rhythms and Rhymes (2012)
  • English Grammar and Writing Made Easy—Learn to Communicate More Accurately, Clearly and Concisely (2012)
  • Traffic Signs on the Road of Life (2012), co-authored with Cynthia Brower
  • Me Teacher, Me...Please!—Observation and Thoughts about Parents, Students, Teachers and the Teaching-Learning Process(2001 and 2014)

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As you can probably tell, I am very serious about personal achievement, and I want you to develop a similar mindset.  When you become serious about your success, you can go many places, do many great things, and only you can stop you.  Remember that I want to see you at the top, not from the top.