Mr. Cummings will be allowing students to stay after school to rehearse starting 9/8/2022 from 2:30-3:30pm- and every Tuesday and Thursday after this point. This is optional and all students are welcome to attend. 
    During this time students are encouraged to work on the music they have received in class, complete assignments for band, or prepare for other Honors Ensembles- like All District, Solo and Ensemble, or MPA. 
    There are two rules for staying after school to rehearse-
    1). Students that stay after school will be required to have EXCEPTIONAL behavior. If there is a problem with behavior then they will lose the privilege of staying after school for extra help. Remember this is a time to work and play music!
    2). Rides must pick students up promptly at 3:30pm at the front of the school. If a students ride is late more than once then they may lose the privilege of staying after school for extra help. If a ride is late then parents will be called.
    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! 
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    Parents & Students,

    Getting a new instrument is so exciting! Learning to play an instrument opens so many doors- to performing, to travel, to friendships, and so much more! I am so excited for the journey you and your child are about to take. Please read over the following pointers to help you on this journey.

    1- Encourage responsibility!

    Make sure your child knows how much a responsibility owning an instrument is. These new instruments that are being rented are not cheap: repairing damages to an instrument that is dropped, purchasing reeds, purchasing valve oil, etc- make sure they take good care of it! Take the instrument home every night, place in a climate controlled area (in the house not left out in a car or outside), make sure students are practicing daily (finding a place to practice at home is a must!), and follow the care information for each instrument that is given out to students in class.

    2- Encourage practicing and growth!

    Practicing and growing is a process- your child will not be a miniature prodigy overnight. Becoming proficient on their instrument will take time. You will hear a number of sounds at the beginning that do not sound like an instrument- encourage them and do not tell them they do not sound like their instrument or sound bad. Over time they will progress and start to create beautiful music. Help support your students efforts!

    3- Encourage behaviors!

    While in class we will be working on how to play the instruments properly- please make sure you always encouraging your student to treat others with respect and kindness. Some students will move faster than others- and that is okay! We hope to encourage all students to progress and become more proficient on their instrument- we want to discourage behaviors such as laughing when someone makes a mistake, making fun of a student who is struggling, or messing with another person instrument or belongings. Encourage good behaviors at home- it's okay to make mistakes on your instrument as long as your learn from them, some people learn at different levels and that's okay, show respect to other peoples property.

    If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out!

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