Mrs. Faith Morrell

Phone: (910) 989-2048


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Music Ed K-12 ServSafe Certified Southwest Manager Training Certified License in Music and FAC

Mrs. Faith Morrell

Although I have 19 years of professional training in music with a BS, I have spent a lifetime of "on hands" training in the area of FACS. Currently, I hold a ServSafe Certificate along with a certificate to administer the ServSafe National Restaurant Association test.  I completed a manager training class with Southwest Corporation and managed a 7Eleven Store. Other areas in FACS, include an Appraisal Informationalist for DuPont where I arranged or executed appraisals on any DuPont employee's house who was relocating and wanted DuPont to sell their home.  After pouring over the appraisals, I would generate an offer to the employee.  Another job at DuPont included a marketing secretary for 28 engineers where we built and designed composite parts for Rolls Royce (cars parts working closely with England) and Boeing (airplane parts working with West Palm Beach, FL).  Foods and Nutrition II is also an entrepreneur class.  My background of owning and running my own studio for a number of years in four different states have helped me in dealing wth the business aspect of this class.  I currently hold a Cosmetology Liciense.  The state of NC requires 1500 hours of schooling.  I have recieved 1800 hours of school.  This education has also been helplful in the nutrition side of this class becuase the schooling involved learning anatomy.  My schooling and experience in modeling has also helped teaching nutrition.  Another job that has contributed to my "FACS" experience is in the area of finance.  I worked for a credit corporation that worked the ground work and credit checks on large boat loans and typed the legal documents for the loans.  FACS also includes sewing, clothing (apparel) and interior design.  At one point in my life, I made the majority of my clothes.  I have also designed, created a pattern and made clothes, purses, quilt, and anything on the practical level (pillows, curtains, blankets, jewerly boxed, fancy boxes, book covers, placemats, quilts, embrodroidery, etc.)  I have also experience in interior design.  After designing and building our own house, I completely designed the interior.  Needless to say, I have taught in all of these areas.

Outside of school, I am a music minister of a church.  I arrange and direct drama cantatas.  As over the years, I have directed and produced many musicals. I currently teach piano, voice, flute, and drama.  My husband and I are currently working on our second CD.  I have written about 50 songs, 25 of which are copywritten with the Library of Congress.