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Mr. James Macfarlane

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Greetings!  My name is Mr. Macfarlane, and I teach American History and Civics & Economics.  I am also an assistant football coach here at Jacksonville High School.  I am a retired Marine who earned a Bachelor's Degree in History from the University of North Carolina - Wilmington.  

Our out of class communication will be conducted on Microsoft Teams, as well as assignments.  Most of your supplemental material, to include vital links, will also be posted in Teams.  I will always post upcoming assignments on the side board in the classroom several days in advance.

The question that is most frequently asked by thoughtful, thinking people, starts with, “why”.  When we are children, we often ask why we have to do something, or why something is forbidden.  Asking "Why..." is a good thing.  When we get older, we should be asking, “Why did that happen?”  Or, “Why is this happening in our world?”  "Why should I care?"  The answers to questions like these can lead to the prevention of repeating the mistakes of the past, or capitalizing on success for YOUR future.  The many events in our American story offer a little something for everyone, and will help you to answer many questions that begin with “why”.