Mr. James Clevenger



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. James Clevenger

                Mr. Clevenger was born in the mystical forest on the outskirts of Pinehurst, NC. Daily life was filled with adventure and hardship. However, from an early age, Mr. Clevenger’s father told him that knowledge was one of the best tools that you could have in your adventures; so, he applied himself to his studies and found that it made life easier. He decided to use this tool to make the most out of his life and help as many others as possible.

                Eventually, Mr. Clevenger had accomplished enough in his homeland that he was no longer getting the experience he required to progress towards his goals. Thankfully, he had been working hard for years and had earned a full scholarship to Appalachian State University, NC, to study teaching. Mr. Clevenger felt that it was now time to help others develop the tools that helped him overcome his hardships and survive his adventures; plus, books are fun to talk about and kids are cool.

                It was at this college that Mr. Clevenger met his wife, the fantastic Mrs. Lasko, a fellow high school English teacher. Once again, the town was conquered, and it was time to move on, so they moved on to the town of Henderson, NC, to teach for four years where they honed their craft. They were a mighty team as they educated the youth of Southern Vance High School together. Eventually, the couple felt it was time to pass on their excellence, and they had a child of their own. The trio decided to migrate to Onslow county to raise the youngling near the mother’s family and lived happily.

                Now Mr. Clevenger works happily at OCLC as the resident high school English teacher; although, he misses working with his wife who is now at SBHS. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, traveling, trivia, comics, cartoons, comedy, table top games, RPGs, and spending time with his family.