Mr. Frank A. Jones Jr.



Degrees and Certifications:

BS Applied Mathmatics MAEd NBCT(x2)

Mr. Frank A. Jones Jr.

I am a native of Newark New Jersey. I attended Arts High School where I concentrated on the Fine Arts Curriculum. I graduated to the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport RI, three years at The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis and my final college year as the first of two Candidates to form the Marine ROTC at Prairie View A&M in Texas. I graduated with an Applied Mathematics Degree and a Regular Commission as a 2nd LT in the USMC. I became an Artillery Officer after The Basic School. I went on to be stationed in Okinawa to be deployed in operations to Korea, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Camp Fuji and visited Tokyo and Iwakuni Japan. While in Okinawa I also played on the inter-service Rugby Team as a weak side wing against Australian, Korean and other teams.


I left the Marine Corp to take a position as Asst. General Warehouse (all logistical and plant support) Supervisor at a Natural Gas utilities plant in Ohio. There I was on the Canton United Way Board and first learned about Parliamentary Procedure. I also volunteered to teach 4H in the Middle School and GED Curriculum to Adults at the Canton Urban League.

Doing this time I began my own graphic design company and created the Georgia Mascot Officer Peachtree used during the 1995 Olympics in Georgia.

I decided to try my hand at full time teaching and walked in unannounced to meet with Mr. Beasley, the first Principal of Swansboro HS. After an hour conversation I was in the classroom within two weeks teaching Math and Algebra.

Mr. Beasley allowed me to start the Technical Drafting/Architectural Drafting Curriculum for about 13 years to later teaching Scientific Visualization and Game Art & Design. Along the way I created a weekly feature in the Globe & Anchor Called KIDSWANNAKNOW featuring the Do Right Crew and Star Patrol. During this time I also created The NC State Bus Safety workbook featuring my original creation mascot character Stop-Kat which led to over 400 thousand copies given to 3rd graders throughout the state.


I took time off to gain my Masters in Instructional Technology from Eastern Carolina University and successfully complete my first National Boards Certification. I was only the second Trade & Industrial Teacher in NC and the first Minority to successfully gain it the first time and consequently the first CTE T&I in NC to do it a second time in 2016.


At this entry I am also an Adjunct Professor at Coastal Carolina Community College teaching Business Technology.


I am honored to be slated to be one of the first Teachers to staff the NC Regional Skills Center in 2019 teaching Scientific Visualization I, II, Game Art & Design and Advanced Game Art & Design.


  • CTE Tech Pirate (Copyright Frank a Jones Jr,)Scientific Visualization/Game Art & Design Course Syllabus


    A basic understanding of technical design applications is a gateway into the world of creative media engineering and design technology career opportunities;   Freeman OGJJ:2003

    Welcome to Technology Engineering and Design Programs of study of the Onslow County Career Technical Education  (CTE) Curriculum;

    • Scientific Visualization (I & II),
    • Advanced Studies,
    • Game Art & Design, Advanced Game Art.

    Why Design?                                         

    Every mass produced object or structure created by man began it's design phase with drafting techniques.

     All video game, television and movie 3D effects originate from drafting techniques and applications.

    All Architectural, Engineering and Graphic designs and plans are created using drafting and design applications. Design studies are a gateway to planning and designing of all non-organic manmade products, digital media and virtual media. 


    Scientific Visualization are branches of computer graphics and user interface design that are concerned with presenting visual data to users, by means of creative or technical imagery. This class provides a framework for understanding video editing, all animation, 2D creative graphics, CAD, 3D modeling, raw data presentation, cyberspace visuals and digital media presentation software applications. The goal of SciVis is usually to improve understanding of how types of visual data when presented to the end user will convey an intended or unintended message.


    Game Art & Design Game art design is a subset of game development. It is the process of creating the artistic aspects for video games. Video game art design begins in the pre-production phase of creating a video game. This class introduces you on the methods to create and implement characters, objects with basic programming skills that appear in gaming programs.










     Class Test or Quizzes:

    All quiz and test material are taken directly from class work, homework, and digital  application assignments. 

    Grades are a direct averaging of your final test, quizzes and Artifacts (weekly projects design to showcase your ability to apply design principles taught in class to demonstrate your mastery on a given curriculum content objective) numerical weights. 

    We have a state final worth 25% of your grade. If you score  an 80 or higher in Level 1 and II you can receive college credit for the Drafting & Architectural courses.

                                         6 week report card = 25%

                                    + 12 week report card = 25%           

                                    + 18 week report card = 25%

                                    +  State Final              = 25%

                                                           Total =100%