Mrs. Sierra Davey



Degrees and Certifications:

Bridgewater College: BA in English/BA in Sociology East Carolina University: Teaching Certification

Mrs. Sierra Davey

Originally from the Eastern shore of Maryland, Mrs. Davey completed her undergraduate education at Bridgewater College, a small liberal arts school in Virginia that emphasized the value of academic excellence. There, she experienced first-hand the difference educators could make. Her professors taught her more than just the content in their classes, as they educated and cared for the “whole student.”

Mrs. Davey brought these ideals with her to North Carolina and Swansboro High School, where her fellow educators share in those ideals. She leads her classes with high expectations for all students, in and out of the classroom, regardless of their backgrounds. As a teacher and a mother, Mrs. Davey promises that all of her students will feel safe, valued, and challenged to succeed and better themselves in all aspects. Mrs. Davey respects hard work and dedication and wants her students to know that learning can be an exciting experience, in which students can show their unique and creative talents.


Fun Facts About Mrs. Davey:

-Self-proclaimed supernerd

-Over 10 years experience as a Dungeon Master 

-Is trained in Western Martial Arts with the following weapons:

  • Longsword
  • Short sword
  • Long Knife
  • Hand-and-a-Half Sword
  • Bo staff
  • Spear