Degrees and Certifications:

Jennifer Griffin

My name is Jennifer Nester Griffin. I am a high school science teacher here at Swansboro High School in Swansboro, North Carolina. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Master of Arts in Teaching from East Carolina University. In my science classroom I use an instructional pedagogy called "Modeling" and I use Standards Based Grading. Current schedule for the 2021-2022 academic year includes Honors Biology, Honors Biology 2, AP Biology and Biology. I am also the National Honor Society Advisor.

Here you can find the AP Biology Summer Assignment.

Modeling Instruction is a method of teaching in which students construct their own model of the physical world. Modeling is a student-centered process that allows students to create and manipulate concepts or ideas based on their own exploration.

The goals of modeling include but are not limited to; improving the critical thinking skills of students, requiring students to reflect on their work and revise as needed, using multiple representations to describe a situation, working collaboratively with their peers and communicating their ideas supported by evidence.