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Ms. Claudia Salomon



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Ms. Claudia Salomon

I was born in Bogotá the capital city of Colombia. Colombia is a beautiful country located in South America and famous for its coffee, salsa music, landscapes, exotic food, ethnic groups and friendly people. It isn’t a big country like the United States, but it isn’t smaller than Cuba. Colombia is the fourth-largest country in South America and it is between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. We don’t have seasons, some places have the same weather all year long. In Colombia, we have different types of landscapes like the coast, the coffee region, the jungle, desert, mountains and rainforests.

My parents aren’t from Bogota. They were born in two different parts of the country, and it makes my family unique because we have different traditions and accents. I have an older sister, and she has been the person that has helped me to reach some of my goals.

I love to travel and cook! So far, I have had the opportunity to visit Germany, England, Netherland, Belgium, France and the United States.


  • I have always been interested in teaching and especially foreign languages. Learning a different language becomes a tool that allows people to be open minded learning about different cultures, traditions, beliefs and of course to be successful working or studying abroad. 

    • BA. Spanish, English and French Education. La Salle University. Bogotá- Colombia.
    • Master's in TESOL. Greensboro College. 


    • English as a Second Language. High School - Bogotá. 
    •  Spanish (World Languages). This will be my 4th year teaching at Swansboro Middle School!

    The Spanish language is the third most commonly spoken language in the word for native speakers.

    It has become necessary for many to learn as a second language in recent years, due to its usefulness in personal communication, business and education. Also, the Spanish language is one the six official languages of the United Nations!