Sharron Mohr

Welcome to the Media Center


    Access your library account and search the library here!  


    The media center is open throughout the day for check out, independent study, or for teachers to schedule classes for lessons, research, and other needs.


    Students may check out books for up to 3 weeks.  Students must renew or return books by the due date in order to keep their accounts in good standing. 


    If a student has overdue books, they may not check out more books until the overdue book(s) have been renewed or returned. 


    Students are responsible for paying replacement costs for lost or damaged items.  If an item is relocated and returned within 60 days of payment, a refund will be issued.  If the item is found after the 60 day period, no refund will be issued since the funds will have already been used to purchase a replacement. 

    Damaged books should be returned to the media center for repair. If the books cannot be repaired, the student will be charged the replacement cost.


    Exciting news!  We have a subscription to Junior Library Guild Digital!  This means that you can access Ebooks and read them ANY time on ANY device!  We get new books every month, so pay attention to what is expiring and what is coming next.  Another cool thing is that we have UNLIMITED ACCESS!  That means that the entire school could be reading the same book if we wanted to!  Follow the link below and log in with the same Username and Digital ID/Password that you use to log in to your computer.  That's it!  Go to the book shelf, find a book that looks awesome, and start reading!  You won't ever need to worry about being without a book!  Give it a try!  Click the picture below to sign in!

    JLG Digital