• Swansboro High School's

    Student 2 Student



    To provide all students who are relocating with the critical edge for a successful transition



    Staff Contacts:

    Erik Matticola: erik.matticola@onslow.k12.nc.us

    Nalani Nelson: nalani.nelson@onslow.k12.nc.us

    Nicole Wojcik: nicole.wojcik@onslow.k12.nc.us



     SBHS S2S Officers 2019-20

    President: Danielle Chadwick

    Vice President: Erica Miller

    Secretary: Madelyn  Frazier

    New Student Liaison: Kathryn Sears

    Military Coordinator: Makenna Nelson




    S2S roster for 2019-20

    12th graders

    Danielle Chadwick

    Cade Hall 

    Mandy Hanson 

    Joel Hunt 

    Bailey Inga 

    Victor Jurkiewicz 

    Erica Miller

    Bailey Nelson 

    Meghan Schneider 

    Kathryn Sears 


    11th graders

    Emily Boyd

    Dichele Cantoral  

    Emma Frazier

    Madelyn Frazier 

    Tatihana Loya

    Millie Morris 

    Makenna Nelson 

    Sydnie Parry 

    Norah Patterson

    Cerenity Pavel

    Megan Rozier 

    Carrington Scheller 

    Abby Shedd

    Sarah Williams 

    Sylvia Williams 

    Evan Wilson 

    Hannah Wojcicki


    10th graders

    Tristen Alvis

    Tyler Gillette 

    John Crockett Henderson 

    Joel Taylor