• SPLASH - Spanish Immersion Program

    We are extremely proud to offer SPLASH classrooms in all grade levels at our school.

    Our SPLASH Staff includes:

    Kindergarten: Rosero

    1st Grade: Claudia Fernandez

    2nd Grade: Lanetti

    3rd Grade: Infante

    4th/5th: Wilson Balaguera

    Instuctional Assistant: Catherine Mobley

    English Language Support:

    When spending time in these classrooms, a visitor will notice a vibrant learning environment and will have the opportunity to see the children speaking, singing, and responding to their teacher in Spanish. At the Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes, English is not spoken during instruction and all directions are given in Spanish. It is a 100% immersion program and the students learn quickly and demonstrate a great deal of enthusiasm throughout the day. They participate willingly in class and are enthsiastic when sharing the Spanish learn.

    In the 2nd-5th grade levels, English is incorporated into daily instruction and support is also provided from our Literacy staff.