Guidance-Mrs. Bender

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    Welcome to the NBMS Guidance page.

    I'm Mrs. Bender, the School Counselor.

    You can contact me by phone at 910-346-5144 or by email at

    Mrs. Bender

     A little bit about ME...

    Education:  I recieved my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from UNCW then went on to receive my NC Teaching license in the EC catergory of Behaviorally/Emotionally Handicapped a year later.  In 2002, I earned my Master of Science degree in School Counseling.  I also hold National Board Certification in the area of School Counseling: Early Childhood through Young Adulthood School Counseling.

    Experience: I began my career in education as an EC teacher in Wilmington, NC teaching students with behavioral and emotional disabilities.  In 2002, I accepted the School Counselor position at New Bridge Middle School and have been here ever since...I love this school!

    Bio: I am married to a Jacksonville native and have two sons, Gus and Ethan, who also attended NBMS.  I have two fur babies named Gracie and Mollie.

    Gracie   Gracie                 Mollie   Mollie

    Guidance Services Available:

    Services may be requested by student, parent, or teacher.  Please contact me.

    1. Individual Student Counseling Sessions, as needed on a case-by-case basis: I meet with students, 1-on-1, when they are facing difficult life situations or when they just need someone to listen.  These life-situations could be related to school, peers, or home-life.  I help them learn how to manage or solve the problems they are facing by providing guidance in coping skills and good decision making skills.  These sessions are not long-term therapy sessions as I am not a NC licensed mental health therapist.  They are also not a subsitution for long-term therapy or for more complex mental health diagnoses.  When a student presents with an imminent risk of harm, parent contact will be made and a list of Community-based therapists will be provided.

    2. Small group Counseling Sessions: I meet with small groups of students with similar needs.  The topics covered in groups are typically based on results of a Needs Assessment completed by teachers.  Examples of possible topics include- Social Skills, Organization skills, Study skills, Conflict Resolution, Divorce, Deployment, and Self-Control.

    3. Classroom Guidance Lessons: I love to teach in the classroom!  Topics covered are based on school needs and county-wide initiatives.  Such lessons include...the SOS or Signs of Suicide Program, Career Exploration via the Ready, Set, Onslow website, Bullying Awareness, and Transition-type lessons such as 'Getting Ready for High School'.

    4. Referrals to School-based and Community Resources: Types of referrals may include, referral to the School Nurse for a vision screening; referral to our School Social Worker for various needs; referral to the Onslow Co. CHEW program for food on weekends, or a referral to Onslow Co. DSS for various needs.  Referrals will based on individual student needs.

    5. Consultation: I am available to meet, in-person or virtually, with Teachers & Parents to discuss any academic, behavioral, or social/emotional needs of their student/s. 

    6. Section 504 plans: As the NBMS 504 Coordinator, I can assist with the Section 504 process.  This includes referrals, annual reviews, or re-evaluations.  If your student is struggling academically and has been diagnosed with a disability/condition, please contact me to discuss your options and the 504 process.