Magnet Schools

  •  Entry into the New Bridge Middle, Clyde Erwin Elementary, Northwoods Elementary, Onslow Virtual Secondary School, and Onslow County Virtual Elementary School magnet school lotteries are available to enrollment-eligible children of all Onslow County residents or in accordance with the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.


    2023-2024 Magnet Schools


    • March 1, 2023 - Application portal opens
    • March 15, 2023 - Application portal closes
    • March 23, 2023 - Lottery selection
    • March 23, 2023 - Entrants notified of results via email
    • March 30, 2023 - Offer response due

    Onslow County Magnet Schools Seats Available via Lottery TBA

    New Bridge Middle School

    Grade 6 

    Grade 7

    Grade 8 


    Northwoods Elementary School

    Grade K

    Grade 1

    Grade 2

    Grade 3

    Grade 4

    Grade 5


    Clyde Erwin Elementary School

    Grade K -                                        Grade K DLI - 

      Grade 1 -                                         Grade 1 DLI -   

    Grade 2 -                                         Grade 2 DLI - 

    Grade 3 -                                         Grade 3 DLI - 

    Grade 4 -                                         Grade 4 DLI - 

     Grade 5 -                                         Grade 5 DLI - 


    Onslow Virtual School

    Grade K -                                       Grade 6 - 

    Grade 1 -                                       Grade 7 - 

    Grade 2 -                                       Grade 8 - 

    Grade 3 -                                       Grade 9 - 

      Grade 4 -                                       Grade 10 - 

       Grade 5 -                                       Grade 11 -  

                                                             Grade 12 - 

    Our Magnet Schools are:

    Clyde Erwin Magnet School Logo

    Clyde Erwin Elementary Magnet School of International Studies and Cultural Arts 
    Grades K-5

    Please note that at Clyde Erwin Elementary Magnet (CEEM) there are two options. Some lottery slots are available in Spanish Language Immersion Classrooms and there are some slots available in traditional classroom settings with a focus on the arts. An applicant may put their child's name in the lottery for a Spanish Language Immersion slot, a traditional slot, or both.


    Northwoods Elementary Logo
    Northwoods Elementary Magnet School of Technology and Innovation 
    Grades K-5

    The focus of Northwoods Elementary Magnet School is on using a variety of technology to engage in Project Based Learning.


    New Bridge Middle Logo

    New Bridge Middle School

    For students in grades 6-8 at New Bridge Middle School (NBM), there is a focus on STEAM content and skills.  STEAM emphasizes science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.


    OVES Osprey

    Onslow Virtual School

    Onslow Virtual Elementary School is a full-time online Onslow County public school that partners with parents to provide students with an engaging, high-quality education in a remote learning environment.

    Students who are not currently enrolled in OVES and wish to attend OVES for the 2022-23 school year must apply through the lottery process. Applicants need to meet the following entrance criteria to be eligible for the lottery:

    • For students in grades 3-5, the student must have passed 75% of his or her courses at the end of semester 1.
    • For students in grades K-2, the student can be no more than one year below grade level in Reading based on the iReady MOY diagnostic.
    • Exceptional children in grades K-2 will be exempt from the no more than one year below grade level in reading criteria.
    • For students in grades 6-12, the student must have passed 75% of his or her courses at the end of semester 1.
    • Students are required to have a dedicated, full-time learning coach.
    • Students must reside in Onslow County or be eligible to attend Onslow County Schools through the out-of-county approval process.
  • Application to the Onslow Virtual School will follow the same procedures described in the video to the left.  Simply select "Virtual School 2022-2023" as your magnet school choice.

    Entrance into the Clyde Erwin DLI lottery in grades two through five may require additional information.

    Entrance into the Virtual School lottery is dependent upon qualifying academic and attendance criteria described below.