Our School

  • Bell Fork Elementary School was originally constructed in 1960. In 1988, two additional permanent buildings were constructed, which included twelve full size classrooms, five offices, and a Media Center. Thanks to the voting public of Onslow County, Bell Fork Elementary has received funding for the new building which opened in 2010. Included in that building are three new classrooms as well as a multipurpose room which will be used as a gym for PE classes.

Mission Statement

  • The mission of Bell Fork Elementary School is to produce well-educated, motivated, independent and creative children who will be productive citizens and lifelong learners.

    Our mission enables students to lead productive lives in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex society. This will be accomplished by providing a safe and stimulating environment supported by a motivated and highly qualified staff and the implementation of a challenging and well-rounded curriculum that meets the needs of all students.


  • Our Goals:

    1. All students at Bell Fork Elementary School will receive differentiated instruction based on their individual needs to enable all students to be globally competitive, productive 21st century learners.

    2.  All teachers at Bell Fork Elementary School will be lifelong learners that use reflective practices to meet to diverse needs of all students.

    3.  Bell Fork Elementary School will be supported by effective and efficient processes and systems that best serve its students, parents, and teachers.

    4.  Students at Bell Fork Elementary School will learn in a safe and civil environment to be ethical, healthy, and productive citizens.