Dr. Gail Pylant, Principal

Phone: 910-347-2808


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education, Master of Arts in Education, Educational Specialist, Doctor of Education

Dr. Gail Pylant, Principal

2020-2021 Welcome Video

At Northwoods Elementary our goal is to prepare our students for an ever changing world.  It is a world in which technology, the economy, and international relationships have created a truly global society.  Our efforts to improve academic achievement center around instructional practices that provide students the opportunities to collaborate in small groups, utilize technology, and engage in Project Based Learning opportunities that require critical thinking and problem solving skills.  

Northwoods Elementary is Onslow County's third magnet school with an emphasis on Technology and Innovation.  We are also Onslow County's first year-round school. Northwoods has been designated a SMART Showcase school.  Classrooms are equipped with a variety of SMART Technology resources that include interactive whiteboards, document cameras, interactive tables, and a variety of other technologies.  Northwoods is host to a SMART Collaborative Classroom, one of only twenty-five classrooms on the entire North American continent.  We are a one-to-one school. Each student in grades K-5 is assigned a laptop.

Together, with parents and community members, we look to encourage our children to become life-long learners through a variety of strategies and processes that promote academic growth and produce future ready students.  With an emphasis on Project Based learning, students will participate in lessons that provide hands-on learning opportunities that develop critical thinking skills. 

At Northwoods we are committed to preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities of living in a technology-driven world. We want a learning environment that maximizes student potential and helps achieve lifelong growth in a diverse world. High Flying Jr. Cardinals Believe Bigger, Aim Higher, Become Winner!