Parkwood School Sign

Welcome to Parkwood Elementary


    Parkwood Elementary School is a public school nestled in the heart of the Northwoods Park community in Jacksonville.  Since the school opened its doors in August of 1969 and received its initial accreditation in 1974, significant changes have occurred on the twenty-acre campus to meet the continuously changing needs of its students.  In October of 2007, Parkwood began the construction of additional facilities.  Funding for this project and for other schools within the county was procured from a bond referendum that passed with overwhelming support from the taxpayers.  Parkwood received a multi-purpose building which houses the Art, Music and PE departments along with three additional regular classrooms and one computer room.  Parkwood has a strong instructional team of energetic teachers and resourceful administrators who are focused on the task of school improvement.   

    Parkwood Elementary School has implemented an effective volunteer and Parent-Teacher Organization.  These two areas assist in bringing the home and school together as partners in education by creating an effective two-way communication system and a greater understanding of educational needs and goals.  To assist in this effort, Parkwood holds parent nights to keep the parents abreast of the changing needs of its students and a clear focus on the school's vision for success. 

     At Parkwood Elementary, we follow the "Safe and Civil School" initiative in order to maintain minimal office referrals for discipline.  Our doors are open for inquires and can be reached at 910-347-6711.

    Parkwood Elementary is the only certified International Habits of Mind Learning Community of Excellence in the state of North Carolina.