Mrs. Dennis, Principal

  • Mrs. Dennis, principal   

    Welcome to the New Bridge Middle School website.  As principal of New Bridge, I am pleased to work with a faculty and staff of very dedicated individuals.  Together with our talented students and supportive parents, our teachers work to achieve the school’s mission.

    New Bridge Middle School is known throughout our district and state as a high performing school.

    New Bridge Middle School’s 2013-14 READY Accountability data represents one of many measures of the health of our school.  The model reports achievement in three forms: 1) proficiency, 2) Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO), and 3) academic growth.  The READY Accountability model includes testing for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade mathematics and reading and 8th grade science through the North Carolina End-of-Grade (EOG) test.  Our students enrolled in Math 1 take the End-of-Course (EOC) test.  The results from these tests are contained within the READY Accountability profile for New Bridge Middle School.   Although it is not part of the READY Accountability model, this testing and accountability brief will also report data from the North Carolina Final Exams (NCFE) for 6th, 7th and 8th grade social studies and 6th and 7th grade science.

    New Standards

    Our state and school district began using the current NC Standard Course of Study in 2012-13.  With Common Core for reading and math and the NC Essential Standards for other subject areas, 2014-15 represents our third year working with the current standards.  With new standards and a new test, comparisons of results prior to 2012-13 would be mathematically inappropriate. 

    Grade Level Proficiency (GLP)

    Grade Level Proficiency (GLP), which includes student who scored an achievement level 3, 4, or 5, is 63.4% for New Bridge Middle School (2013-14), the highest GLP of the Onslow County middle schools.  All grade levels at New Bridge for all READY tested areas demonstrated increases from 2012-13 to 2013-14, from an increase of 11.9% in 8thgrade Science to an increase of 20.4% in 8th grade English Language Arts (ELA).

    College and Career Ready (CCR)

    A new measure of accountability is College and Career Ready (CCR).  As the 2013-14 year ended, North Carolina changed the reporting model from four achievement levels to five achievement levels.  The revised achievement levels assist us in identifying students who are both prepared for the next grade and are career/college ready.  The revised levels describe achievement in the following terms:

    • Students who score at Achievement Level 1 show limited command of the subject material.
    • Achievement Level 2 students show partial command.
    • Achievement Level 3 is considered the state proficiency standard and students at this level show sufficient command of subject material.  Students who score at this level may get on track for career and college readiness with additional academic support.
    • Achievement Levels 4 and 5 are considered career and college ready and students at these levels show solid command and superior command of subject material respectively.

    While GLP is calculated using Achievement Levels 3, 4 and 5, CCR is calculated only using Achievement Levels 4 and 5.  College and Career Ready proficiency is 53.5% for New Bridge Middle School (2013-14).  Although CCR and the five levels didn’t exist as a measure in 2012-13, calculations from our district’s accountability and testing office demonstrate that all grade levels at New Bridge for all READY tested areas increased from 2012-13 to 2013-14, from an increase of 0.2% in 7th grade English Language Arts (ELA) to an increase of 8.4% in 6th grade English Language Arts (ELA).

    Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO)

    Federal Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) are calculated using Career and College Readiness Standards (Achievement Levels 4-5).   Each school has a number of AMOs based on different subgroup populations. Subgroups for a school may be included in this calculation when 30 or more students are classified in one of the following categories:

    • School as a whole (all students);
    • American Indian;
    • Asian;
    • Black;
    • Hispanic;
    • Two or More Races;
    • White;
    • Economically Disadvantaged Students;
    • Limited English Proficient (LEP)
    • Students with Disabilities (SWD) ; and,
    • Academically Intellectually Gifted (AIG)

    Student scores are included in multiple subgroups.  Altogether, New Bridge Middle School has 46 targets for the purpose of calculating Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO).  In 2013-14, 41 of the 46 targets were MET.  All (100%) targets were MET for reading.  Five mathematics targets were missed.  AMOs “not meet” included: all, white (W), economically disadvantaged (EDS), students with disabilities (SWD) and academically intellectually gifted (AIG). Overall, New Bridge Middle School met 89.13% of the AMO targets.

    Academic Growth

    The state sets growth standards based upon individual past performance.  New Bridge Middle School is proud to have MET the state’s growth expectation. 

    Strategic Planning

    We are pleased to see that New Bridge Middle School remains above the state and district average in the READY tested areas.   In almost every tested area, New Bridge students performed above their counterparts across the district.  Continuing our current trend of improvement is the goal.  The efforts of our faculty to address subgroup gaps are documented in our strategic plan.  The recently released READY accountability data will serve as springboard for school-based reforms.  For a summary of testing results, CLICK HERE 

    A School of Distinction

    New Bridge gained national attention through the Intel School of Distinction program.  After a rigorous review process, New Bridge was recognized as one of the top three middle school science programs in the nation (2011 Intel School of Distinction).  During 2014, the school again received national recognition through the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow challenge.  Out of 2500 school applications across the nation, NBMS was named a top 15 school!  NBMS was also the North Carolina winner!  From Academic Derby to the Battle of the Books, students from NBMS demonstrate their academic strength in a variety of venues.

    In a recent Jacksonville Daily News opinion/editorial piece, Mike McHugh wrote about his experience with New Bridge.  In his article, he described New Bridge being an “incubator for learning.”  After seeing our teachers and students in action, Mr. McHugh was moved to write that “the culture of learning is palpable” at New Bridge Middle.   I believe his words accurately capture the spirit of New Bridge Middle School.



    Mrs. Jane Dennis