Trexler Middle

  • Mascot:  Falcons 

    School Colors:  Red & White

Facilities and Major Events

  • Trexler Middle school was named for Florine B. Trexler, an outstanding educator from the Richlands area. Until 1964 most Richlands students attended Richlands Union School. Trexler was built as a junior high, but in 1972, Trexler became the first 6-8 middle school in Onslow County. 

    In January 1985 a fire destroyed the main building which housed the administrative and guidance offices, media center and four classrooms. The sixth graders were relocated next door to the Richlands Elementary School campus until the rebuilding was completed in the fall of 1987. At the same time, Trexler’s first on campus cafeteria was opened. Prior to its completion, Trexler’s students walked next door to eat in the cafeteria of Richlands Elementary.

    In March 1988, Trexler’s longtime principal, Robert McRae passed away shortly before his planned retirement. The Assistant Principal, Jerry Taylor was appointed Principal. The next building project was completed in 1990 with the addition of nine classrooms, including a band room /chorus room and art room as well as a new office for the assistant principal. In 1998 this building was expanded. Two classrooms were added as well as a separate band room and additional student restrooms.

    In 1999 another classroom was added with eight classrooms and a workroom. This building initially housed seventh grade classrooms. Soon the workroom became a computer lab.

    In 2007 the gym lobby was closed as it underwent remodeling and was joined to a new building. This building included a new band room and two computer labs. The completed building opened in 2008.

    With the opening of a new feeder school, Stateside Elementary in the fall of 2009, Trexler acquired seven additional classrooms as well as an equipped computer lab with a building that was vacated by a neighboring school, Richlands Elementary. Most of these classrooms were utilized as Encore classes.


  • There have been several curriculum shifts during Trexler Middle’s history.  Early programs included a non-graded program from 1972-1975, 

  • initial implementation of the Conceptually Oriented Mathematics Program (COMP) and Pegasus-Pace reading program in 1979.  The Middle School Mathematics Program (MSMP) was correlated with the North Carolina Competency-Based Curriculum. Students were grouped according to previous achievements, the California Achievement Test and teacher recommendations. An Advisor/Advisee program began in 1988.The ABC’s accountability model was implemented in the 1996-1997 school year. The NC End of Grade Tests replaced previous modes of testing.

    Trexler utilizes a team planning/teaching approach. Teachers at each grade level share common planning times. All students are taught the state curriculum in their core courses of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math. Teachers use state-adopted textbooks as well as diverse instructional resources in an ongoing effort to provide an interesting and comprehensive program. Opportunities are provided for students to participate in a total of four exploratory courses, which are rotated on a two-per-semester basis. Band, Chorus, Orchestra and AVID are offered as yearlong courses.

    Recently during the 2010-2011 school year, faculty and staff completed the NC Falcon modules for formative assessments and were trained in Rubicon Atlas and Curriculum Instructional Assessment planning.   Trexler is presently transitioning to the Common Core State Standards.

Student Population

  • Trexler’s enrollment has seen high growth in the past few years. In the 2001-2002 school year the enrollment was 513 with increase student growth each year following.   Our current enrollment is 910 students.

    Trexler has also seen high increases in the number of military dependents in recent years. In our SACS Self Study in 1988, only 2% of the parents of our students were employed by the military. Last year, in 2010 42% of the parents were either active duty or employed in some way by the military. This has made Trexler Middle the school in Onslow County with the highest concentration of military dependents.

Success and Challenges

  • Trexler has had many successes over the past few years. During the 2004-2007 school years Trexler made high or expected growth and earned either School of Distinction or School of Progress. Trexler has had a very successful Academic Derby team throughout its history. Last year the team finished with an undefeated season. The AVID program was implemented during the 2004-2005 school year.   Over the years several faculty members have become AVID trained.   During the 2010 school Trexler applied for and earned recognition as a National AVID Demonstration School.