• James Lanier, Director Clapping with the Students at TECC

    On behalf of the teachers and staff at Thompson Early Childhood Center, welcome to our school.  Thompson Early Childhood Center is a highly collaborative learning community where each child grows academically, socially, and emotionally in a safe, stimulating environment.  Our commitment to serve children and families remains as strong today as it was when the school was opened in 1941.  At Thompson Early Childhood Center we strive to instill a love for learning in our children as well as to provide enriching and engaging real life experiences that bridge the gap between school and community for both students and staff.

    Thompson Early Childhood Center supports the Onslow County Vision of Excellence in Education.  We seek to prepare our students for Kindergarten through a variety of developmentally appropriate learning activities.  Play is the work of a child and toys are the tools for learning.  Through play, children learn about their world, themselves, and others.  The most important role that play has is to help children be active, make choices, and to practice actions until there is mastery.  Thompson has a dedicated staff who focus on the individual child's strengths and needs.  We strive to make our students' first experience in school successful and rewarding.

    Thompson is often referred to as "the happiest little place on earth."  We invite you to visit us in our historic building in the heart of downtown Jacksonville.  You will see that this old building comes to life with learning each and every day.

    All the best,

    James Lanier