• Monday, March 30, 2020

    Seniors: We are working with DPI about the specifics for your graduation requirements. We are told that we will have more details by Wednesday. As soon as I have specific information, I will let you know!! In the meantime, do all assigned work!!

    Listen, we are coming back to school on May 18 and that is what we are planning for!! Be sure you are keeping up with your work in the meantime so that we have a smooth transition back to school.

    As of right now, Prom and graduation are on the same dates. Mrs. Kellum and I will be meeting to schedule back updates; however, as of now we are scheduled to return to school on May 18!

    Yearbooks are still on sale! Please take the time the go the Balfour.com to purchase a book for your child. Thank you in advance for your purchase.

    April 25th we will hold the reverse raffle for project graduation. It will be held through Facetime live at 7 pm. If you have purchased a ticket, please plan to virtually attend on April 25th at 7 pm!!

    Our offices will be closed after today. However, we will still be providing meals, technology repairs and work pick-up and drop-off.

    We will see students on Monday’s for packet pick-up and drop off each Monday between, 10 AND 12 PM. in the front office. We will allow 5 people at a time in the front office. Make yourselves available each Monday between 10 and 12 pm.

    Please be advised that Spectrum is offering free internet if you are in need.

    Xfinity has WiFi for free…

    We will be observing Spring break beginning April 10 through April 17. During this break, we will continue to provide meals during spring break.

    We still have 600 students who have not registered for their courses. We will be available between the hours of 8:30 am and 2 pm to help you through the process if you are struggling with this process. Call the school, 910-989-2048 to receive help! We need this process completed by this Thursday. Please call immediately, if you need help.

    Drivers Ed classes and driving have been postponed until we are back to a regular schedule!! We will keep you posted!

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    Thursday, March 26, 2020

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    March 26, 2020

    Mental Health Tips for the Day-Stick to a routine! Go to sleep and wake up at reasonable times.  Write a schedule that is varied and includes time for work as well as time for self-care. 

    Dress for the social life you want, not the social life you have now.  Get showered and dressed in comfortable clothes, brush your teeth, wash your face!  Take the time to for yourself…..give yourself a facial.  Put on some bright colors.  It is amazing how our dress can impact our mood!

    Remember to reach out to the counselors or social worker using the documents we mailed out to you yesterday, if you are feeling as if you need to talk to someone.  We are here for you!

    Seniors:  If you have already ordered your cap and gowns, they are here in the front office ready for pick-up!  The office is open each day from 8 am to 2 pm!

    Juniors:  If you or your parents have any questions about registration, please reach out to Mrs. Whitehurst, Mrs. Humphrey or Mrs. Anderson as soon as possible. 

    Freshman and Sophomores:  Registration is now open for you!  You have received an email this morning with very specific directions of how to go through the process.  It is IMPERATIVE that you complete this process by Tuesday, March 31, 2020!!  We have listed several forms of contact for you to make with any questions, within the email that we sent to you. We are here to help you.  Please be sure to reach out if you have questions or need help!

    Also, please be sure you are working on your ACT Preparation each weekday for 24 minutes or each day of the week for at least 17 minutes a day!

    The ACT word for today is Abysmal-Extremely Bad!  I got an ABYSMAL grade on my research paper. 

    The Music Department has some FUN and Games coming your way!  Look for an invite form your teachers to participate!

    Cardinal Challenge for tomorrow Video tape yourself in your Cardinal Gear doing some type of physical activity or Singing an appropriate song of your choice.  Text 910-333-2205 or email your video to me before 12 pm tomorrow so we can add you to our daily presentation!!


     Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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    We need students to share with their teachers if you are feeling overwhelmed.  We are willing to differentiate for the needs of our students.  We want you to be successful, but we are aware this is a new process for all of us.  Teachers will work with you.  If you are unbale to get a response from your teacher, please reach out to me. 910-333-2205.


    9th and 10th grade students are responsible for completing work through Study Island in order to prepare for the ACT.  There is now an English assignment set up for you.  You should be working at least two hours per week on ACT preparation. 


    Parents, please continue to check the PS portal to keep up with your child’s progress.  All updated grades should be entered by Friday morning.


    Juniors, if you have not done so already, you MUST key in your course selections for next year in Power School.  If you do not know how to do that please contact the school first thing tomorrow morning so that we can help you.  Otherwise, beginning at noon tomorrow, we will make the course selections for you based on your historical course selections.


    We want to remind you that virtual meetings are available with our counselors and school social worker. We know the season we are in can be stressful. Please reach out to us if you need support or guidance. To schedule a virtual session select the Quick Link "Virtual Contact with your Counselor/School Social Worker" at the bottom of our JHS website.  Remember that you are strong and resilient. We miss seeing you and can't wait to see in walking the halls again.


    Tuesday, March 24, 2020


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    Monday, March 23, 2020

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    I will be doing informational videos and/or notes as often as possible which will be posted on the JHS website/ Principals Message/Updates from the Principal.  Please be sure that your children are working no less than one hour per day per, course that they are taking. They should be submitting daily assignments to their teachers in order for the teacher to give prompt and meaningful feedback.  Teachers will be entering grades for each assignment received.  Please continue to check your child's powershool account daily. If you have any concerns about grades not being entered, please correspond with your child's teacher first.  If you are not getting a response from your teacher, please contact me through email or text message, 9103332205. Teachers have posted their office hours on their individual web-sites.  Each teach will have morning and evening office hours.  Please be sure to consistently check your teachers web page for updates.


    Also, all parents should have signed up for each teachers remind 101!! 


    If your child is picking up packets of work from each teacher, the work MUST be brought to the office or scanned back to the teacher by Friday of each week.  If the teacher does not have the completed work turned in each Friday, the grade will be entered as a zero. 


    Cap and Gowns for Seniors have not been delivered.  We will announce a new date for pick up when we get that information from Mr. Overby. 


    If your child's computer needs repair, Drop off for repairs will be between 10 am and 12 pm, pick up will be between 1 pm and 4 pm. 


    We are continuing to provide lunches for students between the ages of 1 and 18 each day between 10 am and 12 pm.

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    Thank you for your cooperation with all of this!! I hope that you have had time to go to your child's teachers webpage to join Remind 101 This will allow all teacher correspondence to go directly to your text messages.  We implore each of you to have Remind 101 because it is more imperative than ever for us to maintain constant and consistent communication.  Be safe and GO CARDS!!




    Good afternoon parents and students:

    Thank you for your cooperation as we dive into uncharted waters with on-line learning for all. 

    Please be advised of the following:

    Each teacher that your child has this semester will post, by tomorrow morning AT 10 AM, a Remind 101 link for you to access and sign up.  Please go to the Jacksonville High School Website, click on the teacher tab, find the names of the teachers, and click on the name of the teacher.  Please follow the directions the teacher has posted in order to gain access to Remind 101.  This will allow the teachers to stay in communication with you regarding your child’s progress on assignments.  Please also check your child’s Power School account frequently in order to monitor student grades as they are completing assignments. 

    Starting Wednesday, March 17, teachers will provide one to two assignments per week per course with a specific deadline for submission of the assignment. 

    Teachers will also share with parents and students the day and times they will have office hours.  Your child will have the opportunity, through TEAMS in Office 365, to have face to face time with their teachers.  This time may be recommended, or the teacher may make it mandatory. 

    If your child is having technical difficulties, they are welcome to get a paper packet of work from their teachers.  We have them stored here in the front office.  Please come by the front office between 9 am and 2 pm if you need a work packet.  Please note that the same deadlines will apply to the paper copies of the class work as assigned for the assignments online.

    If your child has had to turn in their computer for repairs, they may check out a loaner computer from the media center.  The media specialist will be available between 9 am and 2 pm.   

    If your child needs to check out a charger, they may do so in the media center between the hours of 9 am to 2 pm each day this week. 

    If you are having problems getting in contact with your child’s teacher, please feel free to contact me at 910-333-2205.

    I hope this helps clarify how we will proceed with your child’s educational needs for the next couple of weeks.  Again, thank you for your cooperation with this process and please stay safe.  We look forward to seeing our students again, very soon!

    Maria Laskowski-Johnson