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    Southwest High School will prepare students to be globally competitive and responsible citizens in the 21st century through a rigorous and challenging curriculum.





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    Excellence Has No Boundary


    Southwest High School is located in southeastern North Carolina near Jacksonville, and is one of seven high schools in Onslow County.  The school serves an average enrollment of 720 students who reside both inside the city limits and in rural areas of Onslow County.  The population of Jacksonville is 76,200 and the county population is 165,900.  By nature of the community served, the school population is multi-ethnic and somewhat transient.


    Southwest High uses the concentrated block curriculum schedule.  Students take four 90-minute courses each semester (90 days).  Students have the opportunity to earn eight units of credit during one academic year (two semesters).  The school offers a multi-leveled curriculum.  As many as three levels of instruction are presently available for courses in some areas.  Remedial classes are offered for students who need to improve their scholastic skills in order to achieve competency in reading and math.  Honors and Advanced Placement classes are available for students who pursue college prep and college tech prep programs of study.  Our students are offered the opportunity to attend specialized courses at the OCS Regional Skills Center.