• Welcome to the Math Counts page.  

    My name is Sally Schmitt, I am the CTE Computer Science teacher and I will be the Math Counts Coach this school year.  This will be my fourth year as the Math Counts Coach (we did not have a Math Counts team last school year.) Please see my teacher homepage for more information about my qualifications for Math Counts Coach. I look forward to being able to develop a team and prepare for competition which usually is in early February for the county and late February or early March for the regional.

    Tryouts will begin soon and are open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Tryouts consist of students coming to me in room 304 for a tryout math quiz.  They take this home to work on.  They can have up to a week to return it to me.  It is important that students work on this alone and follow the calculator or no calculator instructions.  I hope to have a team by mid October and to have practices at least once per week after school.  Only four students can be part of the main competition team, but we are allowed alternatives who also participate at competitions, so our team can be larger than four students. I welcome any students who love math, regardless of skill level.

    There will be a daily announcement soon to inform students about tryouts.  It will also be posted on the grade level TEAM general page.