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    Swansboro Middle School- North Carolina Virtual Public School Guidelines

    Swansboro Middle School is proud to offer expanded learning opportunities through North Carolina Virtual Public Schools (NCVPS).  NCVPS is an online learning environment that allows our students to complete advanced level classes.  Some of the courses allow students to earn high school credit while they are still in middle school.  Courses that are designated as middle school courses do not earn credit, but they are advanced learning opportunities that will provide enrichment for high-achieving students.  All NCVPS courses are taught online by North Carolina certified teachers. Students are expected to perform at a superior level in all of these courses. 

    Assignments are completed via the Internet during one of their class periods each day.  In order to satisfy course requirements, students will need to dedicate additional time to NCVPS at home.  An online instructor designs the syllabus, delivers instruction, creates assignments and deadlines, and assigns grades.  Mrs. Sweeting is the on-site facilitator who is present in the NCVPS classroom on a daily basis.  The role of the on-site facilitator is to guide students in the navigation of the course, troubleshoot technical problems, and act as a liaison between school, home, and the online learning environment. 

    Selection Process

    The process begins with teacher referrals at the completion of each school year.  After teacher referral, the following guidelines must be met to be considered for the application process:


    • Level 4 or 5 on most recent EOG (if applicable) 
    • On or above grade level iReady (if applicable)
    • No more than 10 total absences during the prior school year
    • No more than 10 total tardies/early checkouts during the prior school year
    • 93 or above in content classes
    • 2 teacher recommendations 

    Additional Requirements
    Students must have completed all perquisite classes.
    Students who have taken NCVPS classes previously must have done so successfully.
    Students must complete and submit the NCVPS student application by the deadline.
    Upon completion of the student NCVPS application, students are entered into the enrollment process.

    No student is guaranteed a spot in NCVPS. The state of North Carolina accepts students on a first come, first serve, need basis. High school students are given first preference.  

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