• The Elementary Academic Derby is a scholastic competition done in a quiz-show format for fifth graders in Onslow County Schools.  Teams from each elementary school will compete and earn points by answering trivia questions.  The matches are taped in the auditorium located in Southwest High School and shown over local cable systems and YouTube.com.  

    Bell Fork's Academic Derby team members are will be chosen by November 1st and our team will compete on December 5th, 2019.  The 5th grade teachers and I will monitor the grades, classroom effort & participation, and behavior of our team members to ensure that we have the very best representatives of Bell Fork Elementary on competition day.

    Academic Derby will practice one or two days a week during 5th grade's WIN block which is during the school day.  We will use this time to practice the rules of the competition and learn new information.  

Academic Derby Team 2018