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Ms. Song

I got all my education in China. I have three phases for college education. The first phase was in 1994 when I graduated from high school, I continued my higher education majoring English in a normal college in Benxi City in northeast part of China and graduated in 1997. Upon my graduation I was sent to teach English in a middle school near my hometown and be a roomteacher. During the middle school teaching I didn't give study, which should be a life-long issue. I passed all the examination concerning with English language and got a higher certification, which gave me the qualification for applying to do master degree. That's the second phase. The third phase came in 2003 when I succeeded in applying for the master degree in Foreign Languages School in Dalian Maritime University, where I spent two and half years and graduated in 2006. Upon my graduation I got a job teaching English in Shenyang University of Technology. 

Language learning is a life-long course. I will never give up. Language is also art, which is worth our attention.
I taught English in a middle school for five years and then in a university for more than ten years. In both schools I taught English listening, speaking, reading and writing. I will go on to teach for the rest of my life because I love teaching.

     My name is Yan Song. I’m from China. I always write my Chinese name like this “Song Yan”. “Song” is my family name and “Yan” given name. Chinese people put their family names first and given names second. This is only a very small part of those many differences between China and USA.

    This is the first time for me to be in the U.S.A. After staying here for a certain time, I find the difference is minor and we have more similarities, for example, we both like kindness, hardworking, loyalty and honesty, and so on. Love is most beautiful word. It can always touch the softest part of our hearts. What’s more, we both like respect. We teach our kids to respect teachers and classmates at schools. When stepping into the society, we are told to respect our colleagues and the people around us. We have so many similarities that they have surpassed the differences. We also respect differences. Differences make the world colorful. Similarities hold us together.

  I have more than 15 years of teaching experience in China. Although the difference of education system in China and U.S.A. I know what students need and want. I also know that teaching is learning. I learn from teaching. I hope kids here can have a good time with me and learn Chinese langague and culture with me.

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