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  • Fellowship for Christian Atheletes (FCA) is a student led organization.

    FCA student members lead prayer circles at the JHS flag pole at 6:45am on the last Wednesday of each month and hold meetings (called huddles) at various times after school. FCA members share lessons and devotions during these huddles and work on variuos service projects.

    FCA meets every Wednesday morning from 6:45am until 7:00am in Mr. Rosage's room #701 except the last Wednesday of each month when we meet at the flag pole at 6:45am.

    Evelyn Davis, Kelly Ottaway, and Bernie Rosage are the teacher advisors.


    Revised Bell Schedule

The Coastal NC Area School system has been out of school for two weeks now. Reports I've been given, tell of 10 Onslow Co Schools having taken catastrophic damage and another 18 having taken significant damage. That's 28 of our 38 Onslow Co schools are unable to take in our area kids and continue to walk them down their educational and athletic paths. Some of our schools are currently serving as a disaster relief shelters or distribution centers. As a result, we have cancelled Day of Champions. Your Teammate in Christ, Ken Lovell

Our first FCA meeting of the new school year!

Our First FCA Huddle Meeting of the new school year!

First meeting after Hurricane Florence...

First meeting after Hurricane Florence