Freshman Orientation
  • Freshman Parent Orientation will be held on August 5th in the Robert Gaskins Auditorium at 6:30 pm. 

     Freshman Student Orientation Dates

    If your last name begins with an A through L, your orientation is on Tuesday, August 6, from  8:45-11:30 am.

    If your last name begins with an M through Z, your orientation is on Wednesday, August 7, from 8:45-11:30 am. 

    On the Date your student is assigned, please drop them off at the Lobby by the Auditorium. Pick up will be at the same location. 

    A freshman letter will be mailed out in July with these dates and reminders. Please make sure your mailing address is correct with JHS. 

    Students will receive their schedules at camp.  It is imperative that your student attends camp, if for some unforeseen circumstance that they are unable to attend please email me at to set up a time to pick up their schedule after August 7th. 


  • Questions or Concerns please Email

    Freshman Academy Director