• Chess pieces

    Coach:  Heather Smith

    What ages/grades is your club for?  Any Summersill Elementary student in grades K-5

    What is your club about?  All kids can benefit from chess. Kids may see it as just a game, but research has shown that chess enhances scholastic abilities, including test scores. Think of it as "exercise for the mind", a fun way to practice concentration, patience, logic, and mental calculations.  

    How does someone join the Chess Club?  Any student can request an OCS ChessKid.com account using the form below.  Mrs. Smith will email you or give your teacher your account information within a few days.  Students can do lessons, play with other OCS students, play the Bots, and practice puzzles with their online accounts. 

    When is your club offered? Students can play on ChessKid.com on school devices or home devices as allowed.  There are also two apps for which they can use their OCS ChessKid account-- ChessKid and ChessKid Adventure.  

    How does someone join the Chess Team?  Students who have mastered the basic foundations of chess (set-up, movement, check & checkmate) may be given an opportunity to try out for the Summersill Chess Team around Feb/Mar each year. Only 5 players can advance to the OCS Chess tournament in April and compete against the other elementary schools' teams.  At least two of those players have to be from grades K-3.  The OCS Chess Tournament is scheduled for April 19, 2024.