• TITLE I PROJECTS OVERVIEW (from the Onslow County Schools website)

    The Title I program in the Onslow County Schools is dedicated to providing instruction to students who are educationally disadvantaged.  The Title I program provides services to 18 elementary/primary schools and 7 middle school sites within the district.  The Onslow County School System's Title I program currently supports the following projects and services at one or more Title I sites throughout the district:

    Preschool:  Preschool programs for students who are four-years-old are located at 6 of the elementary schools and at Thompson Early Childhood Center.  The goal of the preschool program is to prepare students for a successful school career.

    Reading/Math:  Title I teachers offer reading/math instruction to supplement regular classroom instruction.  The Title I teacher coordinates instruction with the regular classroom teacher and provides activities to prepare students for success in the classroom.  The focus is on skills that students need to achieve grade level proficiency as required by NCLB.

    Literacy Coaches:  Title I schools are served by a Literacy Specialist/Literacy Facilitators.  Their primary function is to support teachers in implementing literacy practices that maximize learning opportunities for grades K-5 children.  While working in their assigned schools, the facilitators provide services such as:  modeling effective instruction, assisting with the assessment process, lesson planning, classroom organization and management, grouping students for instruction, locating and developing resources for classroom use, observing instruction, and assisting teachers in refining their practice.

    Part-time Tutors:  Tutors provide additional instruction in reading/math to Title I identified students.  They work under the direction and supervision of the classroom teacher.  The tutors work one on one or in small groups (no more than 3 students).

    Teacher Assistants:   Assistants work with several classroom teachers during the reading/math block.  The assistants work with individual or small groups of Title I identified students.

    Parent Liaisons:  Plans, organizes, and facilitates parent involvement events, activities, and initiatives at an assigned school in accordance with the school's Strategic Plan for Continuous Improvement/Title I Schoolwide Plan.

    Other Schoolwide Reform Efforts:  Title I schools also utilize Title I funding to support overall school improvement and reform efforts. In the Onslow County School System, these reform efforts include: A+ Arts, Language Immersion (SPLASH), Leader in Me, Code to the Future, and other theme-based reform efforts to support continuous school improvement and better meet the needs of all learners.

    Other programs and initiatives are also supported at specific school sites based on the school's Comprehensive Needs Assessment and the Strategic Plan for Continuous Improvement/Title I Schoolwide Plan.