• The Swansboro Century Club was founded in 1981 to provide assistance to the Swansboro High School and Swansboro Middle School athletic programs. We have many events throughout the year to raise money in order to purchase much needed items for the schools. The next event coming up is our annual tailgate party which will be held prior to the first home football game on August 31st.

    Contracts are available for sale. You will be able to purchase your contract in the office at the high school. The prices this year for contracts will be: $150 for 1 pass; $200 for 2 passes and $250 for 3 passes.

    The way to become a Century Club Member is to fill out a contract. As stated above we have 3 different price ranges for contracts this year. $150 is for 1 pass; $200 is for 2 passes and $250 is for 3 passes.

    The purchase of a contract entitles you to:
    •One, Two or Three passes for all regular season home sporting events conducted by Swansboro Middle School and Swansboro High School
      ◦Passes must be presented at the Gate - Those without their passes will be required to pay.
      ◦Passes are Non-Transferable
    •Members will show a pass for the Century Club special parking area for Varsity Football games at the high school.
    •Free attendance (family members) to all VIP events which will be held each sport season.

    Here is a list of the Board of Directors - We have contracts available for purchase. We also have contracts available for purchase at the high school.

    Board of Directors
    1.Lawrence Abalos - 910-389-7500 - Email Lawrence Abalos
    2.Dave Armstrong - 910-342-0227 - Email Dave Armstrong
    3.David "DC" Colclasure - 618-694-2694 - Email DC Colclasure
    4.William Coplen - 252-550-0291 - Email William Coplen
    5.Tim Lee - 910-787-4904 - Email Tim Lee
    6.Charlie Loya - 951-973-8180 - Email Charlie Loya 
    7.Wayne Mixon - 910-326-6654 - Email Wayne Mixon
    8.Cindy Parades - 910-382-8327 - Email Cindy Parades
    9.Charles Rawls - 910-326-1491 - Email Charles Rawls
    10.Lynn Sanbeg - 910-326-8840 - Email Lynn Sanbeg
    11.Vicki Seely - 910-265-6976 - Email Vicki Seely
    12.Chris Smith - 910-467-5359 - Email Chris Smith

    Here is a list of some of the projects that the Century Club has provided for the schools:

    ◾Financial contribution to the installation of the SHS track field

    ◾Dugouts & storage buildings
    ◾Weights, PE & Volleyball equipment
    ◾Batting cage & pitching machine
    ◾Electronic scales
    ◾Softball safety equipment
    ◾Purchased 9 passenger vans
    ◾Athlete appreciation cookouts
    ◾Goal Posts
    ◾Paved sidewalks
    ◾Structural improvements in press box
    ◾Sprinkler system for SHS & SMS
    ◾Tennis Courts
    ◾Resurfacing of the track
    ◾New Scoreboards for SHS
    ◾New Scoreboard for football/soccer field for SMS
    ◾New Sound System for Football Field

    Mission Statement

    We Strive to provide the finest equipment and facilities to support the Swansboro physical education programs and the organized athletic teams at Swansboro High School and Swansboro Middle School.