Teacher Tutor Schedules

  • Math Tutoring Times

    This past year at JCMS we went to from 60 to 90 minute math classes in 6th and 7th grades, to give students more time to learn during the school day. However, if students need additional help outside the classroom, math help is provided at the following times:



    Froehner- Thursday mornings at 7 am

    Geddes- Thursdays at 7 am

    Jones- Times change, but are posted on website

    Laws- Tuesdays/Thursdays until 4:30

    Lee- Thursday mornings at 7 am

    Pryce- Mondays until 4:15, and non-meeting Wednesdays



    Blackwood- Tuesday/Thursday to 4:15

    Dougherty- Tuesday/Thursday to 4

    Howard- Tuesday/Thursday to 4

    Shelanski- Upon request



    Chapman- Tuesdays until 4

    Napier- Tuesdays until 4

    OBanion- Thursdays until 4

Online Tutoring

  • Military students have access to free online tutoring through tutor.com. The students can access the tutoring 24/7 - even during the school day. Tutor.com connects the student with a live tutor who can help with a homework problem or teach the concept from the beginning. Students can also upload essays and get feedback. This is a nice resource to have and many of our military families could benefit.