• Carolina Forest International Elementary School's Vision Statement:  

    The students of Carolina Forest International Elementary School are high-achieving learners who will graduate from high school ready for college and careers.  As 21st century learners, they will be equipped for the challenges, responsibilities, and contributions of their global generation.  All students will participate in a rigorous curriculum which encourages personal growth, leadership, stewardship and responsibility for ethical behavior.  The comprehensive school counseling program vigorously supports student achievement and forges partnerships with parents,staff, partnering countries, and community stakeholders who are passionate about both lifelong learning and each student's potential to succeed at the highest level.  Our students are prepared to make a significant difference in the lives of others in our community, this state, and the world.


    Our vision for students are based on the beliefs that:

    • All students have dignity and worth
    • All students can learn
    • All students can be productive members of society
    • All students have the right to participate in a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate school counseling program developed by licensed school counselors.
    • All students' ethnic cultural, racial, sexual, and developmental differences and special needs are valued and considered in planning and implementing the school counseling program.
    • All students benefit from a strong school/home partnership.
    • All students benefit from primary intervention.
    • All students can achieve high levels of learning and academic success.


    Mission Statement:

     The mission of the Carolina Forest International School counseling program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program that addresses and supports academic, personal/social, and career success.  All students will acquire the achievement, success, and ethical behaviors necessary to help them to understand and respect self and others.  School counselors will collaborate with other educators, parents/guardians, and community stakeholders to provide all students with opportunities to investigate the world of work, make informed career decisions, and productive global citizens.