• Onslow County Schools has implemented a new check- in procedure for all campus visitors.  All visitors must have a valid driver’s license. The system will not accept DOD identification cards.  Any person(s) visiting Sand Ridge Elementary must present their ID and log into our IDENTAKID system. To help make your check- in process speedy, please have your license readily available.  You will be prompted by IDENTAKID to choose the reason for your visit.  Once you have chosen your purpose, you will then type in the required information.  Thank you for helping us keep your student safe!

      Students coming to school after the day has begun (8:20) must be accompanied by a parent, sign in at the office and get a pass to class. Students who arrive after 11:50 AM or check out before 11:50 AM are counted absent for the entire day. Only custodial parents or persons with parental permission may remove a child from school. Sand Ridge office personnel will not release a child to relatives or friends without written notification by a custodial parent. Persons picking up students should be prepared to show ID. Please do not check your child out of school during the last few minutes of the day. The last minutes of class time are equally important as the first minutes. Late arrivals and early checkouts are documented and considered when determining promotion. Effective August, 2016, there will be NO student checkouts after 3:00 pm