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  • Advisor


    Hello! I am Ms. Samis, and I am the advisor for WOHS 2021-2022 yearbook. This is my first year advising yearbook and I could not be more excited! I have always had a love and passion for writing, scrapbooking, and helping students find their artistic and creative writing potential. 

     Our Josten's Coordinator, Lee Holcomb, is sure to help us make this the best yearbook yet! 

  • Editors

    (Our Editors are students who are upperclassmen, and have at least one year of experiece within the Yearbook class.)




    Alicia: I have been in yearbook for only a year, as this is my second year. I joined yearbook last year with hopes of having an easy, fun, and encouraging class and was not greated with that. But this year, we have a lot of new opportunities with a new advisor and and almost completely new staff. I have a lot of hopes for this year's staff and I hope that we can make an awesome yearbook better than last year's.


    Maritza: I have been in yearbook since Sophomore year and while I'm not taking the class anymore, I make sure to come to the class and help out whenever I can. The entire yearbook is made up of all new staff members and a new adviser, so I want to be able to help organize this year's yearbook and help everyone understand how it operates. I initally joined because I have always been interested in writing, photoraphy, and anything that has to do with design and yearbook gave me the chance to do all that and more. 

  • Staff


    Claudia: I am a senior and I have gone to White Oak all 4 years. I have seen the past yearbooks and I decided to join yearbook so that our senior year is captured in this yearbook. I want to look back on highschool and see how good my senior year was. Therefore I wanted to be apart of yearbook to make it good for our class. 


    Brianna: I am a freshman and im looking forawd to learning everything about cameras.


    Gabby: This is my first year at White Oak High School and my first year in a Yearbook class. Only two weeks in and this has been a wonderful adventure, it really lets me harness my creative side. I really reccomend this class if you can take it, the people you meet and the experinces you will get are amazing! 


    Courtney: This is my first year at White Oak High School and I'm in 11th grade. I join the yearbook because I want to take photos for the yearbook and to be able to be extremely creative when it comes down to decorating the yearbook this year.


    Josue: This being the first year as a senior in a new school is a rollercoaster. I enjoy this class alot especially the photogaphy and the creative thinking. 


    Kibryella: Im a senior and this is my first year in yearbook. Im excited to learn how to take good pictures and all the hard work that goes into making the yearbook.