• Do you know of a relative or sibling who may be deaf or hard of hearing? Have you noticed whenever there is a emergency or natural disaster you will always see someone  communicating by using sign language?

    Wouldn’t it be cool to turn the sound off and know what they were saying? 

    Do you have a grandmother you remember baking cookies with as a child? Those were good times weren’t they...

    Sign & Bake club exists so we can learn two important skills. Signing is a language we can always use interpreters for and being able to bake makes you independent. Don’t eat frozen to microwave food for the rest of your life! Don’t wonder if the interpreter is really signing what they are saying (hey, with the right training it could be you!)! Learn sign language in a practical setting, the kitchen in the Sign & Bake Club! 


    Contact Mr. Herrett for more information.