8th Grade Dance

  • 8th Grade Dance Criteria:



    Theme: To be Determined

    Place: Hunters Creek Middle School Cafe

    Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.


    *Due to EOG testing on this date, students may not be checked out early from school before testing is complete. Please be aware if a student has missed a day of testing, they will need to make up the test on this date.


    Cost of Admission: $4.00 (pre-sale tickets from May 14 to May 25)


    Criteria for Behavior Eligibility

    Students that were eligible to attend the end of quarter PBIS celebrations for the entire year will be able to attend free of charge.


    Students must meet the following behavior criteria from the outlined date range:


    January 3rd – May 1st

    o Any student that receives ISS or OSS twice within a 30 day range will not be eligible to attend. This includes ISS assigned due to excessive reds and yellows, missed ASD, and/or bus misbehavior.

    o Any student that receives OSS once during this date range for any of the following:

    * aggressive behavior,

    * fighting,

    * flagrant disrespect to faculty and staff,

    *possession of any unauthorized item (either at school or bus stop),

    * inappropriate use of cell phone, bullying or cyber-bullying.


    May 2nd –June 1st .

    o No OSS

    o No ISS

    o No more than 2 Administrative/PBIS ASDs

    o No bus suspensions


    All other dance criteria will be shared at a later date.


    Dress Code

    While this is not a “Formal,” students should still dress in their Sunday Best


    · No shorts/No Jeans

    · Dress pants / Dress Shirt or nice polo

    · Tie optional

    · Shirt must be tucked into pants


    · Dress, Skirt, Dress Pants

    · Dresses need to be an appropriate length (to the knee); this includes “high/low” dresses

    · No midriff or cleavage should be visible, top should be a straight line across

    · No spaghetti strap or strapless dresses (unless worn with jacket, wrap, or cover)

    · Backless dresses are inappropriate

    · Shoes need to be comfortable so as not to be removed during the evening.


    You will not be allowed into the dance if you do not follow dress code. If there are any questions about your dress you will need to check prior to the dance. When in doubt, choose a different dress.




    Rides must be on time in picking students up at the end of the dance. Arrangements should be made prior to arriving at HCMS. Notes will be required to be turned in PRIOR to attending the dance for any child who will be riding home with someone other than his/her parents. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ARRIVE/DEPART IN LIMOSINES.




    There will be a photographer at the dance to take pictures. Utilizing the photographer is not mandatory and students will be able to take candid shots on their own throughout the night. If you choose to purchase photographs, they will need to be paid for when they are taken. The following packages will be available:

    · Package A - 4 wallets and 1 5x7 ($5)

    · Package B - 6 wallets, 1 4x6, 1 8x10 ($10)



    The only students allowed to attend the dance are 8th grade students currently attending HCMS. Students from other grade levels and/or other schools are not allowed to attend the dance.




    HCMS staff members will be in attendance at the dance to chaperone students. As we know that this is a special event, parents can enjoy the opportunity to take pictures as students are dropped off, and once again upon return to pick students up.




    There will be refreshments at the dance for students to enjoy at no cost.